Silhouette Lift Sutures are the only FDA approved suspension sutures available. Their superior design and performance sets them apart from previous thread-lift products. For educational courses and more information, please fill out the request form above and to the right or call (215)822-7722.

The Silhouette Lift is a mid face procedure that uses new Silhouette sutures to lift sagging tissue in the mid face area. The new Silhouette suture is an entirely new suture used for lifting soft tissues in the facial areas.

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Silhouette sutures are made of a non-absorbable 3-0 polypropylene strand, which allows for smaller knots than other sutures. Each strand holds several absorbable hollow cones. Compared to the conventional barbed suture, the unique patent pending design of Silhouette mid face suture allows for tissue growth inside and around the flexible, absorbable, hollow cones, therefore creating a much stronger anchoring mechanism.

The Silhouette sutures are inserted in the temporal area using a long needle and are passed through the mid face. When pulled towards the temporal area, the hollow cones anchor on the soft tissue to be lifted. After lifting the tissue to the desired height, the sutures are then fastened into the deep temporal fascia.


  • Clear absorbable cones – 8 to 10 months total absorbtion,
  • 360 degree anchoring, providing more uniform lifting,
  • Allowing for more tissue ingrowth,
  • No more prickling sensation,
  • No more migration,
  • Much stronger anchoring.
  • 3-0 Polypropylene : Smaller knot tying, stronger suture.
  • Knots : Eleven knots to keep suspended even longer after tissue ingrowth.

1. The Silhouette Suture is made of 2 main materials. The main suture body is made of an implantable grade polypropylene. The 10 bio-absorbable cones are made of an L-Lacticle and Glycolide copolymer. 52 percent of the material is L-Lactide and 18 percent is Glycolide.

2. The Silhouette Mid-Face sute has an 8 inch, 304 stainless steel, beveled insertion needle attached to the PPN structure that measures 12 inches in length and holds the 10 bioabsorbable cones at predetermined distances. The proximal end of the suture has swaged 26mn.1/2 circle, non-cutting needle.

3. The cones of the suture are spaced at predetermined lengths with the aide of « knots » that are tied into the PPN structure. The « hnots » serve a dual purpose. The first purpose is to allow the infltration of fibrous tissue through the « knots » and serve as the secondary anchoring system after the absorption of the cones, approximately 9 months after implantation. When being inserted, the cones will slide over rand cover the « knots » to aide in ease of placement. Once the Silhouette Suture is placed and traction is applied to en gage the sutures, the cones will retract and expose the « knots », allowing them to be exposed for tissue growth.

4. The cones will allow for a solid 360 degree anchoring mechanism. This is different from the « barded » sutures, which allow for only a single anchoring site. By anchoring 360 degrees, the Silhouette Sutures have a solid, non-slipping base that ensures the sutures remain in place throughout the entire healing process.

5. The use of the bio-absorbable cones also promotes more tissue reaction than that of an inert implantable material. This has been clinically presented and proven in several disciplines over the years.

6. « Barbed » style sutures are typically made of a 2-0 sized material and have been modified with « cuts » at specific angles about 30 to 50 percent deep into the main structure. This action weakens the main structure greatly and creates the risk of main structure rupture and migration of the broken material. Because the Silhouette Suture has no cuts into the main structure, or any where else in the device, it is able to be made in the smaller 3-0 suture is stronger that that of a modified 2-0 suture.

7. Due to the consistent size and spacing of the micro-molded cones, the suture is able to be placed in a consistent plane and achieve a more enhanced, smooth and natural looking lift.

8. Because the micro-molded cones are smooth around the entire structure, there is no « prickling » sensation that is felt by the patients that are common to the « barbed » style suture.

Silhouette Lift Sutures Before & After