Highest Power 4,800 Watts – Provides Best Efficacy and Results

Ultra-Short Pulse Width – Provide Safest and Most Comfortable Tx (even on light and fine hair)

Perfect Square Pulse Configuration – Allows Uniform and Effective Treatments

Largest Spot Size – 30 x 17mm

Highest Rep Rate – up to 10Hz = Speed !   Treats Full Legs in 10 min / Full Backs in 8 min …

Unique Wavelengths – 755nm

                                   – 810nm

                                   – BLEND – Combination of 810 + 940 + 1060 for Dark and Tan Skin 

ULTRA SHORT PULSE (USP) – gives the highest peak power to delivers energy in 3 ms to reach the optimal temperature to destroy the hair follicle without affecting surrounding skin. This means a more effective laser hair removal treatment, shorter treatment times, less pain, and less treatments needed to achieve permanent results.

BLEND – applicator is designed for dark and tanned skin. This handpiece combines 3 different wavelengths in a single shot. 1 shot = 3 wavelengths 810 + 940 + 1060 nm diode technology reinvents the hair removal laser by delivering 3 wavelengths simultaneously for highly effective treatment of varying hair depths on a wide variety of dark & tanned skin patients. Now, removing hair from tanned and dark skin is safe and effective even in summer.

POWER – PrimeLase 4800 Watts is the highest power available allowing the largest spot sizes for the fastest and most effective treatments.

COOLING – Crystal-Freeze cooling on every handpiece gives additional comfort and confidence.

Complete In-Service Training / Laser Certification

Extended Warranties     No Disposables

Reliability – Unparalleled Diode Life – Diodes Validated for Over 100 Million Pulses

Unique and Patented Diode Cooling and Design Eliminates Typical Corrosion in other units

Sapphire Contact Cooling Provides Safe and Comfortable Treatments